Common speech and language disorders 

There are a lot of children who experience a temporary delay in their speech and language development skills. Most children eventually catch up with others but a few children might continue to face problems with communication development. Communication disorders may include language and speech disorders which can be treated with Speech and Language Therapy Singapore. So, let us have a look at what language and speech disorders are all about and how you can help your child who is facing such disorders.

Speech sound disorder: A child suffering from speech sound disorder is unable to say all the speech sounds in a particular word. This makes it difficult for people to understand what exactly the child is trying to say. In most cases, people don’t even understand what the child is saying. Other speech sound problems can be linked with problems with teeth, hearing disability or problem controlling mouth movement.

Voice disorder: Voice is mainly produced as air from the lungs moves up and brings about a vibration in the vocal cord. With voice disorders, the voice may become coarse, harsh and there might be sudden changes in speech. Voice disorders can also occur due to paralysis, weakness of vocal cords, voice nodules, etc. This can also lead to frequent loss of voice.

Fluency disorder: Fluency is basically the natural flow of speech. One of the most common fluency disorders is stuttering. During stuttering, there is abnormal repetition of words. Children suffering from such disorders may not be able to speak fluently. This causes them various problems and they start to suffer from hesitation. The children may also exhibit tension during speech. This may cause the child to avoid speaking in public because of fear. This can also impact their mind in a negative way.

Receptive language disorder: Receptive language disorder mainly occurs when a child has trouble understanding the words that he or she reads or hears. This has a very big role to play in impacting the speech ability of the child. If the child is not able to understand what he is hearing, then he will definitely have problems expressing the same words. Such problems need to be treated at an early age. A very good way of getting rid of such problems is speech and language therapy.

Expressive language disorder: Expressive language disorder mostly happens when a child experiences problems expressing thoughts and feelings. In most cases, this kind of problem is diagnosed between the ages of 3 and 5. If diagnosed early, it can also be easily treated. In most cases, receptive language disorder and expressive language disorder may be offered together. Few reasons behind this disorder include brain injury, problems during pregnancy, poor nutrition and birth defects like down syndrome.

These are some of the most common speech and language disorders commonly occurring in children. Also, if you are looking for a permanent solution to these problems, you can go for Educational Therapy Singapore and get the problem treated early.

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