Tips on Finding the Best Kindergarten in Singapore

Governments worldwide set aside funds, establish national organizations, and pass legislation to oversee the implementation of early childhood education programs. Different developmental theories-based curricula have also found their way into many schools around the world today. Researchers also discovered that 85 percent of the brain grows before the age of five and that the majority of brain development occurs in the first two years of life. As a result, stimulation and experiences are critical for brain connections development and early childhood education.

Children’s physical, social, mental, and cognitive growth are all influenced by early childhood education. Children who participate in early learning programs are more likely to have improved social and learning skills. They also have longer attention spans, achieve higher grades, and graduate from more prestigious universities. These children have fewer behavioral issues because they are more capable of handling themselves.

Finding the best preschool singapore is a handy task. Parents may use preschool as a resource in raising their children. It affects a child’s growth as well as his or her surroundings. This article explains how to find a qualified preschool that will aid in the development of children’s skills.

Things to Consider in a Preschool

Cost & Location

Preschools charge a variety of corresponding fees for their provided services. Examine the various preschool options to find one that suits your budget. Additionally, selecting a school close to your home will save you time and money on transportation giving you more advantages and savings. It is also convenient in terms of accessibility and proximity effort.


The Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework, which guides the creation of kindergarten programs in Singapore, should be used in the curriculum and programs. Preschoolers benefit from holistic curriculum and programs that boost their faith, social skills, and bilingualism while also laying a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy. Some preschools adhere to a specific educational framework, while others tend to learn and play more openly. Some schools incorporate various concepts into their curriculum and have bigger or smaller classes, so you must decide the one is best for your kid.

Facilities & School Hours

Monitor the preschool’s infrastructure and physical environment. Although some preschools have attractive classrooms, others have more outdoor play areas. Some preschools follow a rigid half-day or full-day schedule, while others follow a daycare model and provide longer days from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening. It is a vital consideration for working parents.

Finding the best kindergarten Singapore for your child is all about finding one that feels good to them and suits their personality. Since children have different interests and ways of adapting to learning and communicating, it is crucial to understand your child’s specific needs. Pegasus International Preschool strives to offer high-quality early childhood opportunities to all of its students. They make the child care centre’s experience enjoyable, unforgettable, engaging, and beneficial to the child’s learning needs, cultural diversity, and beauty.

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