Tips to Ace your class 10


The ICSE (Indian School Certificate Examination) board is a Delhi-based educational board but non-governmental in nature. It is regarded as the toughest educational board in India, whose syllabus is nationally as well as globally recognized. The ICSE board is generally known for its class 10 or board examination, which is being conducted every year at the end of the session. The icse syllabus class 10 often contains the topics which often focus on increasing the intellectual capability of the students and also satisfying their urges to know more about the topics. Hence, to prepare for the icse syllabus class 10, one needs a unique strategy to ace the class 10 examination under icse board.

If you are a candidate of icse class 10 examination, then you must follow the tips that will help you ace your class 10. Some of them are as follows:

  • Prepare a time schedule: To ace your icse syllabus class 10 for icse examination, you need to prepare a proper time schedule for your subjects as you need to go through the overall icse syllabus class 10 in order to score good marks. Before the examination, going through all the subjects according to the syllabus is much more essential than anything.
  • Go through the topics mentioned in the syllabus: to the experts, the topics given in icse syllabus class 10, are the stepping stone for higher studies and for a better future. The topics often provide a summarization of the information that one needs to study in further detail in their higher studies. It often develops the basic foundation of the subjects among the students. Hence, going through the mentioned topics as given in the icse syllabus for class 10 is much more important.
  • Take help from the reference books: To Ace your class 10, you must not only get limited with your textbooks. You also need to go through the references as mentioned in the guidelines books of icse syllabus class 10. Reference books often provide you with similar information about a given topic but with extra information. It is believed that without going through the extra information from the reference books, you cannot score well on your test, whether it is a class test or a board test.
  • Practice questions given in the textbook: If you go through the textbooks, you will find that there are certain questions given at the back of each chapter related to the information mentioned in the prescribed chapters. Those questions are said to be very much important. This is because, with the help of such questions, you could better understand the topic but in different ways.
  • Go for a regular mock test: To ace your class 10, you also need to go through different types of mock tests for your better understanding and better self-analyzation. The mock test often helps you to detect your learning position and help you to understand where you are standing and how much preparation you need before sitting for the main exams.
  • Do proper revision before examination: Revision work is much more important for any person who is going to sit for the board exams. It is believed that if you revise well before your examinations, you will be able to score good marks and hence ensure your future career development.